Robbshop/Sunricher Zigbee dimmer output voltage

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, so please tell me if I’m posting correctly or not.
I am trying to setup some dimmable overhead lighting in my kitchen, using a dimmer from the Robbshop branded Sunricher device line. As a test I connected 1 of the lights (Philips Gu10 dimmable) with the dimmer and tried to control it from the Robbshop Zigbee 3 wire dimmer app. Turning it on and off works fine, but when I use the dimmer function the voltage doesn’t go any lower than 200V and the light barely dims while the dimming percentage is set to 5%. Based on the specs I would expect it to be able to drop to 100V.
Have any of you used this device to dim GU10 spots and did it work in your case?

Why not asking at Robbshop ? They are specialist in this equipment.

Of course I asked them as well, but since it was weekend I was limited to leaving a message. I was impatient and hopeful someone here had any experience.
And now today I forgot to call them during office hours… :grimacing: O well, try again tomorrow I suppose.

And did u try to ask it in the Robbshop topic? Or ask the developer of that app maybe?

The issue has been solved. It was a monday morning device… Replaced and now it works perfectly.

Good good. Thnx for letting us know. Topic closed.