Rithum and Homey

Hi all,

After my test with my Sonoff Panel I just received the Rithum with homey core plugin.

But I don’t know if I am to stupid.

First I add the Rithum and connect to the homey.
Then I add the Rithum plugin in my homey.

I add a flow with the rihum plugin in my homey and see it on the panel.

But must I do all times a flow?

I have a dimmer in my homey and will control ist but can send only a button trigger?
What I do wrong??

Thanks for ideas

Hi Ingo,

Errr… you can start with telling us what you use besides Sonoff Panel? Then someone might look into it.
Which Homey model?

what’s the link to the used app, what is (the link to) Rithum…

share The Flow

what is the link to the dimmer app, what dimmer is used?