Ring Zwave Extender - does it work with Homey Pro or Bridge

I have reset the Ring zwave Extender (v2) to factory.

The device is showing in Include Mode it is sat 1ft from the Bridge.

Is it possible this is not supported din Homey?

I have searched the forums but find an explicit answer.

Anyone have any insight?

Moving to next device to try and connect to Homey Bridge


Hey Michael,
I can’t find Ring in the list of current available apps

Ok thanks not an issue.

Appreciate the link - cheers

Does a z-wave extender need an app I wonder, it has no funtionality other than relaying messages and I assume (!) adding it to a network is sufficient. :thinking: @Caseda

Any powered Z-wave device will work as repeater just fine indeed, supported in an app or not (does have to be included into the network/Homey (Bridge/Pro)), so that includes this repeater.

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Actually, the ring extender will send a message to the hub when the power is off (It has a battery). So, this is the main reason why I think to support it. It will work when added, but the “AC Power” on/off function wont work. :confused: