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Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products

I’m just asking before buying; it would be useful to have the sensor status within Homey itself for contact and motion sensors.

I have placed an order for one so will see.

Hi Danee, any idea when the beta will be over?

Hi Glenn, to be honest, I’m really not sure :slight_smile:
I’m pretty busy at the moment with other stuff. That said there’s actually not much, if any, I need to change on the app I suppose. I had one thing on my todo list, getting countdown timers for the v2 keypad working with any delay instead of the builtin 30 seconds but that seems impossible to achieve so maybe I should just move it out of beta like it is.
Can you tell me why you want it to move out of beta, are you expecting other or more functionality when it does?

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Hi Danee,

Thanks for your quick response. I expected beta’s to have some kind of bugs as its kinda in a ‘test’ and i dont feel like using a buggy app. But if its reliable, i ll just use this one! Btw, thanks for heimdall aswell, it works great!

Greetz, Glenn

Thanks for this app, great work. Can you confirm that the light bar isn’t working on the keypad V2? It’s not counting down the delay.

Yes, I can confirm that’s not available yet.
I’ve been working on implementing the delays in the app but unfortunately the duration of a delay on the v2 keypad can not be adjusted and will always be 30 seconds. This is a bit of a problem because in Heimdall you can figure the delay yourself and I’m not able to let the v2 keypad display the delay accurately as I can with the v1 keypad. I’m still not sure how to proceed as I don’t want Heimdall to be limited by the keypads capability.

You’re the first one noticing it, what would you prefer?
Have the delay in Heimdall functioning as it is and only display the last 30 seconds on the keypad or always use a 30 seconds delay regardless of the setting in Heimdall.


I’ve bought yesterday the V2 keypad.
I would prefer (more logical and more ‘powerful’) to
‘’’ have the delay in Heimdall functioning as it is and only display the last 30 seconds on the keypad ‘’’

That way your other proposition can be used when setting the delay exactly to 30s in Heimdall

Thx for your work on this !

Considering buying the V2 keypad. I would agree that the best way is to leave the settings as is and display the last 30 seconds on the keypad.

Do you think you will be able to implement the siren for the V2 keypad, or are there issues with this as well?

I agree with the two other responders

Thanks for the feedback @kietu @Torbjorn_Melbye @EdP

Don’t know when I’ll get to it but I will make it so the Keypad will show the last 30 seconds when the actual delay in Heimdall is longer. Not sure if I can shorten it for the Last Door functionality but will find that out when looking into it.

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Hi there,

Just starting out with alarms and came across this. Is these device supported in the EU?

Support from who? I live in EU, bought the keypad V1 from Amazon.DE.

I do not need manufacturer support, except hardware warranty. The app support from the developper - Danee is fabulous. Please, consider a donation when using the app.

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Had to make a minor change to Heimdall for this, next will be adding the functionality to the Ring Security app, please stay tuned.


unfortunately, I’ve got an 404: https://homey.app/a/com.ring.security/test/

Anyone else?

Yes, I send in an update for approval but it didn’t pass. Unfortunately that causes a previous version to be unavailable so the page just returns a 404 error. I’ll have to submit an altered version for approval and wait for it to be approved, until then there will be no way of downloading from the App Store.

Hi @DaneedeKruyff , over here the walkout delay works after 0.2.2 but activation delay doesnt. are you aware of this? language setting to dutch works as well after 0.2.2 but keeps jumping back to danish… just to let you know ;). Thanks for your amazing job! Ring keypad is a great addon to Heimdall!

Activation delay here also but Dutch remain Dutch here so that problem I don’t have I’m on 0.2.3

@MEYO084 I’m aware, by design for now. I didn’t announce this new version because it didn’t pass approval but it turned out to still be distributed to Homeys that had a previous version installed so it seems approval is only effective for visibility in the App Store :flushed:
I can’t reproduce what you’re sating about the language setting and if the actual language is really Dutch but the UI shows Danish it’s not something under my control, that’s done by the Homey app.

New version published:

Version: 0.2.3 Beta

  • Minor changes, minor fixes and added translations
  • Added Arming Delay for Ring Keypad from the 2nd Generation

In this version I’ve added the Arming Delay to the Ring Keypad from the 2nd Generation. While the keypad is hardcoded to only support a 60 second delay I’ve implemented it so it starts the 60 delay repeatedly every 10 seconds until the actual Arming Delay as configured in Heimdall is 60 seconds. When using a shorter Arming Delay in Heimdall the Surveillance Mode will actually be set before the timer runs out on the Keypad, that’s something beyond the apps control.

I’ve implemented it like this so you get an instance message when enabling the Alarm Delay and thus assurance you’re entered a correct pincode on selecting the desired Surveillance Mode.

The Alarm Delay will be added in a later version, as will the Sirene functionality.