RING help

Can anyone help?. I have a Ring doorbell that Homey used to set a flow that played music through my Sonos. I’ve just updated to ver 2.0 software and cannot authorise the ring app. So now wont work. The doorbell is a version one but is working with Alexa OK. ?? Any suggestions?

Can you give some more details?
What part of the authorization isn’t working?

When trying to add the ring doorbell it opens up a login and authorise page. I put in my email and password but the authorise button wont press so cannot get the doorbell linked

Try doing it from the webinterface maybe, instead of the app:

Hi, just tried but I have the same problem - the button to authorise isn’t clickable

  • I mean Authenticate

It’s sorted. It wouldn’t work on my MacBook or Android but would work on an iPhone

Ah, great to see you got it working! :slight_smile: