Any Ring Doorbell users? Please help

As Part of My Masters Degree i am conducting this questionnaire in order generate information on customers experiences with the brand Ring. Through this, we can understand and interpret how Ring can further improve their delivery of value to customers.

Therefore, I invite you to participate in a questionnaire if you own or have used a RING DOORBELL
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Thanks a lot for your help!

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i own and use a Ring Doorbell 2.

A little warning: This forum might not be the ideal place for this survey. A lot of users, including me, have a Ring product that is now incompatible with our loved Homey, since the API changes/restrictions Ring has put in.

You might not get the most positive feedback here…

Euhm… Do you have the latest version of the app? It’s working just fine, at least the Ring 2 is.

No updates are available for me at this time so i think i have the latest version. Doesn’t let me authorise my Ring credentials in my homey app on Chromebooks saying the authorisation method is wrong. Authorisation button is not working on my phone. I have a yellow text saying TwoFactor must be disabled. In my Ring account, TwoFactor is forced and can not be disabled.

Done and goodluck.

Even negative ones are useful as well. Thanks a lot for your help :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

Done, good luck!

Thank you🙏

Done, Good luck!

Done, but bad that we couldn’t write any input our self, but guess you see the threads so you could leave it your self that this community would love that ring them self helped improving the Homey app :slight_smile: