Ring doorbell v2 Homey early 2016

Hi ,

I Am the proud owner of a Homey early 2016 and i Am trying to connect to a ring doorbell V2
I can authenticate but toen the app Cannot find any devices

Am i doing something wrong ?

Also i have tried to install a app through cli but everything looks fine Only i get the message Homey offline do the app is’nt installed


And what are you doing? Because, it is only installing the app. Authenticating and you can add the devices. No need to install it through cli anymore.

Thanks For your Answer,

I can install the app and start it but it wil not find any devices so i tried to downgrade the ring app Versión to see of it makes any difference

Thank you

And I think it didn’t, right? Install the ’ normal’ store app. And try and add a device. It asks you to auth and enter the token code, right? After that it should show the devices, IF the account has the right permissions . easy to check on the site of ring.com itself.