Resetting and pairing, connecting devices to Homey Pro

Hi there. Received my Homey Pro yesterday, so I’m new to it and the Forum.

Purpose of this topic: collection of problems and solutions resetting and pairing devices to Homey Pro

Livarno Lux Tunable White Bulb E27

I have Livarno Lux Tunable White Bulbs E27 bought from Lidl (smart home webshop). They were connected to a silvercrest zigbee gateway and a livarno remote control (Lidl lighting starter kit). I used the Lidl Home app android app to connect and control. First time I powered on the bulb it started blinking and was in pairing mode right away.

I wanted to install the lightbulbs to my homey pro after installing the Lidl Homey Community app, but that wasn’t easy. I searched manuals and the internet and youtube, but couln’t find the right way to reset and connect them. Tried a lot of suggestions but they didn’t work. In the end found out how it worked:

  1. Delete the device (lightbulb) from the Lidl Home app. It says all data will be erased, but apparently that doesn’t mean it will be resetted and/or go into pairing mode after power on.
  2. START to add the device again to the Lidl Home app (and reconnect to the gateway), then you see a screen with manual how to reset the bulb first before it will be reconnected. In this case:
  • start with light on, device off for 10 seconds
  • light on, then slowly (1/2 sec) device off, on, off, on (so 3 times on).
  • then the bulb starts blinking (is resetted and in pairing mode).
  1. Do NOT add the device to the Lidl home app, but leave the Lidl Home app and open the Homey app
  • Tap on devices, tap the + icon, tap to add devices, tap on the Lidl Smart Home (Homey) app, tap on the right lightbulb, tap on install, tap on go on . This all while the bulb is blinking!
  1. If process succeeded the bulb is added to devices in your Homey app.

I haven’t found a way to connect the Livarno remote switch (that comes with the starterkit) to Homey, maybe someone can help me with that.