Request /read zwave parameters

Hi ,

How can I request the current state from a parameter which isn’t listed in the settings page of a zwave device , for example parameter 150, 155, 156 of a fibaro roller shutter 3. I can’t seem to find it on the developer zwave page. also it is connected via S2 authenticated , so probably raw zwave commands do not work?

I have installed another Fibaro roller shutter 3, and because the top endswitch of the roller shutter is broken I’m having some issues with the calibration. I tried adjusting the 155 parameter but made it worse, but I wasn’t sure it set the parameter correctly thus I wanted to check the parameter values after calibration , but didn’t know how and couldn’t find it on the forum , only how to if I write a device driver… so maybe via homey script?..
anyways eventually I got it working for now with a manual time in parameter 156, but still want to know how to read the parameter values :slight_smile:

Never seen a read command for z-wave, but if write a value to the device, you know the value, soo why should you want it to read?

In this case I want to know if values I send are set correctly and the device sets some parameters itself when it calibrates and I want to know what those values are.

And also there is a get in the zwave command class for retrieving data.