[Request] NADAMP to Homey

Hi, there is a community app available for NAD amplifiers which seems to support two of their amplifiers (the NAD D7050 and C338). I would be delighted if anyone would add support for the NAD AMP1 amplifier in Homey either through the existing app or through a new one, for info please see: https://nadelectronics.com/product/amp1/.

This amplifier is neither supported through the NAD app nor does access to the remote control seem to work through the Infrared database and I have tried all types of NAD setups there. All I basically want is to be able to set the input source (e.g. D1 or D2) as then cards in flows. If support is not possible to integrate through the apps, is there some kind of viable workaround e.g. through webhooks or similar? Grateful for any feedback on this!


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Here also an Nad Amp1 with homey pro. Couldnt get the infra red going and also didnt find any app spoorting the Nad amp1…

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I think the best option is to ask the developer of the app:

But I’m afraid it’s dev Anne Barreta does not develop Homey apps anylonger :hugs: