Anyone else that use the "Quad Vena integrated amplifier" app?

I bought a Homey Pro last week to replace my Telldus controller. I was very happy to find out that there is an app to control my Quad Vena II amplifier over IR and it works to 80 %.
The reason is that the app is built for the Quad Vena (version one) and not the Quad Vena II (version 2) that also has the support for “NET” input (Play-FI).

The following functions works:
Input Next
Input Previous
Volume up/down
Mute toggle
But individual switches for inputs does not work, like:
Input Coax
Input Bluetooth
and “NET” is missing

So I’m fine with the app as it is but if the developer of the current app sees this maybe he/she can also create an app for the Qad Vena II …

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