New user intro and a music-streaming question/request

Hi all!
I´ve just recently invested in a homey and a bunch of z-wave, Zigbee and Hue components.
So far, so good I´d say:)

That said, I have only just scratched the surface on this new to me gadget.

Professionally I have spent the last 20 years in the A/V industry, most of the time as a technical manager.
My area of responsibility has been designing and implementing kvm and control solutions for Law enforcement control centers and the same with the oil and gas industry off the coast of Norway.
Here I’ve used mainly Crestron, AMX and some Cue systems over the years.
Hopefully that experience will help somewhat with the learning curve on this new venture for my home-control:)

Well now, enough about that.
What I am not yet able to find a solution for is playing my flow playlist on Deezer, my streaming service of choice, to my Devialet Gold Phantoms using the homey as a go-between.
My HomePod would easily let me control music via iTunes using voice commands, but I will not settle for the likes of Spotify and iTunes music due to quality concerns. With the recent hubbub with Tidal, that leaves pretty much one player, Deezer.
Which I’m really satisfied with by the way.

Now, my Devialet´s are bluetooth and airplay 1 and 2 compatible.
So I kinda figured it must be a way to get that working by telling Siri to launch some flow that activates Deezer-flow playback.
As those of you that have a HomePod will know, Siri denies flatly to launch anything not iTunes directly…

Any of you guys dabbled with something similar?
Would love to hear what you might have come up with to get something like this going!

Other than that, thanks for this forum and all your contributions to it.
invaluable to a newbie like me in getting off the ground with ease:)

A quick snap of my flow collection this far.
Not much, but I´ll be building it up in the coming weeks.!


As long as the devialet is not support with a homey app you will need to find a workaround to get the audio to your player.
I would suggest to buy a chromecast audio (be quick they are being phassed out)
It has an optical output the can be plugged into your devialet.

Chromecast not only enables audio to pass through the Chromecast Audio unaltered, but also enabled support for sample rates up through 24 bit / 96 kHz.

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@Birnando since the last DOS release of Devialet there is an API implemented. Now there are possibilities to command and read the status of the Phantom’s!!

I’m a happy guy!!!

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