Request: Compatibility with eTiger 433 Mhz sensors

Etiger is a common brand which can be bought in several DIY stores in The Netherlands and Belgium, Praxis for instance. Basically it is an DIY alarm system, but since I use Homey with Heimdall it would be great if I could add eTiger sensors to my Homey. All sensors/products from eTiger that I like to connect to Homey, but in particular the outdoor syren:

eTiger ES-S7A Outdoor Siren
eTiger SAC-03 doorsensor
eTiger ES-D1A Wireless Motion Detector
eTiger ES-D2A Wireless Pet-Immune Motion Detector
eTiger S-D5B Wireless Smoke Detector
eTiger ES-S7A Outdoor Siren

In case of questions, feel free to ask. Thank you in advance!


I’ve e-mailed eTiger to see if they are interested in supporting Homey. I’d be happy to take a look at creating an app, but I don’t own any of their products.

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Thanks Robert! Would be great if eTiger would be supported by Homey. If I can be of service, please let me know.

Hi Robert,

Did eTiger replied to your e-mail?


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Etiger is also sold as Chuango G5 and Eminent 8610. I’m using the Chuango G5 for a few years now and bought extra doorsensors, motion detectors and keypads from Eminent en Etiger. All 433Mhz accessory from these brands work together on the G5 panel. It would be great to implement these 433Mhz products to Homey to be used with the Heimdall app.


Also interested in etiger support, any update on this topic?

Never heard anything back from them, so I assume that they’re not interested in Homey-support themselves :frowning:

Hi @robertklep, that is a shame. Would you like to give it another try? In my experience, they are hard to reach. Not the best company in therms of customer support…

I’m not really interested in implementing support anymore :frowning:

Hi Robert,

I just contacted Eltra nv in Belgium, the distributor of eTiger in Belgium. I spoke to mr. de Kempe, he is an technical support employee. After explaining him that we are interested in supporting eTiger for Homey, he told me that he was enthousiastic about the idea. I sent them an e-mail with my question. Hoping to hear from them soon…

Fingers crossed!

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Hi @robertklep,

I just received this message from eTiger, it is in Dutch (I think you are too):

Beste klant,

Dank u voor uw mail, sorry voor de vertraging, wij hebben de vraag gesteld bij onze fabrikant.

hij vraagt ons door te geven welke info jullie exact nodig hebben, van al deze protocollen.

Kindest Regards,

eTiger Service Desk

Yes I’m Dutch :blush:but I don’t develop for Homey anymore, so unless someone else wants to pick up development for these devices…

Etiger is just a reseller for Chinese made products, therefore they cannot help getting it into homey.

I’d like to see this in homey as well because I’m considering getting a homey and I already have a lot of 433mhz door sensors in my house and don’t want to buy new ones that are supported.

Hi there, I own a complete Chuango alarm system ( Central alarm unit, 6 door, 2 PIR, 2 smoke detectors, out and inside sirens, door keypad with 6 NFC Tags and 4 remote controllers ) that works on 433 Mhz so I’m also very intrested and grateful to get those sensors to be implemented in my Homey.:smiley: I hope someone can pick this up again :sunglasses::+1: