Replace Salus Gateway with Homey


Salus Control has a lot of smart products, but all depends on their gateway UGE600 (Zigbee). This gateway is not good at all. It is like Fibaro. Fibaro has very bad Center Unit (Gateway)/SW, but good HW.
Salus also has good HW, but this gateway is terrible.

For example, today they have service outage, so cloud countrol is not working. So there should be Wi-Fi/local control, but it is not working too.

There are following reasons for replace UGE600 with Homey:

  • everything will be controlled in ONE application
  • Homey is more reliable (so far no similar problem with Homey)
  • I can be sure it will work also on Wi-Fi no matter what (I have big/full unit)

If there is anything I could do to help with this, let me know.

Thank you for great product.

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I am having Salus devices but do not want to have UGE600. Did you manage to connect Salus to Homey Pro? Could you advise? thanks a lot in advance.

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