Rem statement on flow card (standard flow)

Hi All,

Is there any good way to rem certain flow cards in existing standard flows?
This reason I asked is because i’ve a lot of these flow cards I wished to skip (rem) is actually creating timeline notification and values for troubleshooting during the design.
I still wanted to keep it for troubleshooting in future when flow breaks.

Is it you’d like to temporary disable flow cards? (But good Q. I miss that option too!)

Instead of Timeline notifications, I use Papertrails log cards. That happens “silent”, and the log file gets rotated (oldest logs are deleted at some point).
So no need to disable them, and when something goes bananas, you always have the logs!

With Standard flows, skipping cards is only possible when you duplicate the flow, and then disable the original flow, followed by removing the ‘to skip’ cards from the duplicated flow.
The original flow is turned into the “troubleshoot flow” this way.

@Peter_Kawa Thanks you for your good suggestion on Papertail log cards. This works too, at least I’ve logs to do troubleshoot if needed.

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