Advanced flows debugging

I really like the advanced flows but it’s quite hard to figure out problems… if I have done a logical error then it might be really hard to backtrace and debug the problem…

I would like to be able to see triggered flows and to be able to follow exactly what happens.

You can, there is a test button that allows you to “watch” the process

Sure… but that is when creating/editing the flow… when you have more advanced flows that are depended on other factors like weather, presence or other data then you will only test for the dataset at that point in time… later on with other data that you might not have control over then it might fail… and there should be a way to backtrack failed runs of flows…

The app Papertrials could add a log card to each and every ‘Then’ and ‘Then Else’ flow part of standard flows.
There might be a chance this is becoming available for A.flows as well. Until that moment, I add a log card to each and every ‘output’ of a flow. The time spent with that, is nothing compared to the time I spend troubleshooting.
It is a bit of weird there is no build-in ‘log’ thing of any kind, only the OnOff states of devices can reveal stuff.

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I have tried papertrail and it can help… but most likely not be enough in most cases…