Recommended Period to auto reboot Homey?

I think this is meant as a compliment, Robert :wink:

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Looking At @robertklep ’s avatar it looks like he is serving 15-20 stretch at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Broadmoor Prison, so probably doesn’t take compliments well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is that suppose to be funny?

Because to me it seems like a completly undeserving insult towarths someone who was actually trying to help you!

Some people have a hard time taking pictures: you may have insulted a photo which he actually likes himself.
And some people just put the worst picture on forums on purpose.
Do you know what is the case for Robert?

So @Busta999 , please explain to me why @robertklep, me and others would find that “joke” funny; what we are missing?

If not, perhaps an apology would be in order!

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Gee, thanks for the compliment :woozy_face:

Lol, i didn’t say it’s a worst picture, just that it could be.

But it can be your best or worse picture, i have absolutly no idea.

I was just making the point that you can not know how someone feels about a picture themself, and curtainly a general forum picture doesn’t represent a persoon or how a persoon would handle a compliment.

Personnaly i find it repulsive to read a statement about a prison image and thuse a supposed incapability to accept compliments.

(Perhaps because one of my sons turnes out to be a-photo-genetic. All pictures look like a grinning-monster. For some people it’s hard to put on a photo face).

But, apparently you find my general, not about you, mention of “some people” and “worse picture” more offensive, so i’ll just shut up.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t offended at all, I just found it a funny remark :smiley:


I am sorry it caused insult, it was meant as a joke.

I stand corrected.