Receive an IR signal and see as a trigger

I’m contemplating replacing my old Vera controller - and to replace it with a Homey device. I need to be able to control Z-Wave, somfy RTS - but kick off these actions using a SofaBaton remote. I understand some local API work is going on - but wanted to learn if anybody had a workaround in place?

The closest theory I have so far is to send an IR blast (from pressing a button on the Sofa B remote) to another third party piece of hardware - that will receive the IR code I send from the Sofa Baton - that in turn uses a Homey app based trigger to then drop blinds etc.

Does anybody have a recipe that works - or advice of an alternate solution that does this natively (I’ve heard about a remote by Unfolded Circle - but seems scarce / very new) ?

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This might be an idea:

Hi Peter and thank you for the warm welcome. Am I correct in the assumption that the link below involves the making of a small IR receiver? I like the looks of that - and would be interested to learn more - although at first glance seems a bit out of my depth. Do you know of any plug and play / IR blaster type solutions that could work?


Yes, it’s a bit of DIY.

As far as I know this is the only realtime IR-to-MQTT converter, or IR-to-anything-Homey-understands converter

OK - cool. Thanks for the insight - saved me a lot of research!

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The Unfolded Circle Remote 2 has a Homey App that allows you to trigger any Homey flow from the remote.

Yesterday, they have launched their Remote 3 kickstarter, which was rapidly backed by >2.500 backers, generating almost 1M€ in the first 12 hours. Early bird prices (€299 for remote+dock+IR extenders) until this Monday. So it is no longer scarce or hard to get. They estimate delivery at the end 2024/beginning 2025.

Unfolded Circle Remote 3 Kickstarter

Thanks zigvespa - will make a note in my diary to checkout the new remote at the end of the year - looks promising that!