Reading Fibaro RGBW Inputs

Hi all,

I am new to Homey. I am trying to read the inputs from a FIbaro RGBW (I have a thermistor attached). I have tried all options with available parameters but it doesn’t seem to update levels on the channels. Occassionally it will read once but then not do again and will default to 0 or 10 volts. Anyone managed to get this working ?

Here the same problem. I wanted to connect a soil moisture sensor that gives a variable voltage between 0 and 10 volts. Although the input was set to analog, the input continued to act as a push button. So press 1x 10 volts, next time press 0 volts.

Managed to get this working but not wholly reliable. Looks to be a bug in how Homey set the IO parameter on the device. Long story short, don’t use “other” for LED type, use RGBW.