Radiator valve activation

Hello everyone.

The question is simple, but I’m starting with Athom and I don’t know how to do it.

I have several Aquara sensors distributed throughout the rooms. I want them to act on Netatmo radiator valves that I have in each of those rooms.

When the temperature of the sensor drops, let the valve open so that the radiator heats up. When the temperature of the sensor rises, the valve is closed so that the radiator does not heat up.

This is possible?

Thanks in advance.

There are a few apps that will do the job for you.
Check out the app store.
For example

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If the Netatmo thermostats are connected to Homey, then of course it is possible, even without an additional app.

There are several ways possible. This is probably the simplest, but perhaps not the best way:

– Temperature has changed (Aquara Sensor)
– Temperature is less than 20 °C (Logic Card: Temperature value from sensor is less than 20).
– Open valve (Netatmo thermostat)

Because I don’t have Netatmo thermostats myself, I don’t know the possible action. So it can be that e.g. a mode of the thermostat must be changed.

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Thanks @FKey @DirkG for the answers.

I am testing with the Vthermo, but I am able to trigger the flow that I have created every day.

When: Every 1 Day
And: The time is between 15:00 and 23:00
Then: the thermostat temperature adjusts to 23ºC

Any idea why it doesn’t work?


I think “every 1 day” triggers every day at midnight. I also don’t understand the point of the “time is between 15:00 and 23:00” condition: do you mean that you want the thermostat to turn to 23°C at 15:00 and turn off/down at 23:00?

Hello @robertklep and thanks for the answer and for your time.

Yes, I think it kicks in at midnight. I programmed the flow yesterday afternoon and today the temperature still does not change.

I have programmed that flow like this so that the heating starts at 3:00 p.m. and stops at 11:00 p.m. In Spain, from where I am writing, this heating period is enough.

Then I have a flow to have a reduced heating mode (18ºC).

In that case, you can create two flows:

  • WHEN the time is 15:00
  • THEN set the thermostat to 23°C
  • WHEN the time is 23:00
  • THEN set the thermostat to 18°C

Hello @robertklep

Sounds like a great idea !!!

I’m going to try it and tell you.

Thank you very much for the help!!.

Hello @robertklep

I wanted to thank you for the idea. It has worked perfectly.

Thank you very much again.

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