Question mark when sharing flow

I have not shared that many flows, but i did the other day, and i was told my flow was not complete be caused in the “logic” section there was a question mark.
In my flow there’s was a chosen local temperature.

Is this normal or was something wrong?

It’s normal that you get a message when a flow isn’t complete, yes.

Thank you for the reply, but i think you misunderstood.

The question mark only appeared when i shared the flow.

When i saw the flow on my phone there’s was a local temperature chosen

I have the same problem and for me it seems to be a new bug and it’s not normal.



Shared Flow

Ah, I did misunderstand. I just tested myself and the same is happening for me as well:

I just tried with using the same tag in a mobile push card, and that seems to work:

So it’s not related to the tag, or using tags in general.

Ok, good to know.
So it’s only a bug when sharing👍