Question about flow times

Does anyone know how to make a simple flow for the following?

I have an air pump for an aquarium that I want to start and then stop after 3 minutes every two hours between 05:00 and 23:00. The air pump is connected to a regular smart plug.

So, for example, start at 05:00, stop at 05:03, start at 07:00, stop at 07:03, etc.

I’m totally new into this with homey and flow, and got my homey bridge today :slight_smile:

I just think it seems complicated if I have to enter all the measures manually one by one.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:
// Per

Use the Day & Time card “Every number” and for number fill in 2 hours.

Will probably trigger at 0h00, 2h00, 4h00, 6h00 etc… until 22h00 :wink:
but I guess the friends in the aquarium don’t know if the hour is even or odd…


  • Time between…


  • Turn Plug on
  • Turn Plug off - Delayed with 180 seconds.
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