Question about buienalarm

I’m running a simple flow. If it’s going to rain in 15 minutes, say someone on Sonos.

Now it also says this it’d there is only going to be 0,01mm of rain. That’s so low, we won’t even notice it. So I added a condition.


See level of rain:


What should I add to have at least 2mm of rain. So what is 100%?

“Percentage rain” sounds like me as the likelihood for it to rain, which doesn’t convey any sort of amount.

Looking at the source of the app, it calculates the chance of rain within the next two hours.

Yes but if that’s the case, what’s the use of this card?

The chance? That seems weird since it has an overvie of the amount of mm it’s going to rain for the upcoming 2 hr.

It seems the app also has a condition card “Het regent de komende uren meer/minder dan…”, but that also uses a range of two hours.

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Yes, right, going to try that! Never saw this …