Limit amount of triggers

I created a flow which triggers the sun screens to go in when it’s raining.
It uses Openweathermap and it triggers when the chance on rain has changed and is above 50%.
But now it also triggers when it changes for example from 80% to 70%. Is it possible to create a flow (normal or advanced) which only triggers when the change on rain becomes more than 50% and not if it is already above 50%?

This is my current flow: Shared Flow | Homey

I use Buienradar app in addition, it’s pretty accurate

Haven’t tried that one, will certainly do, because OpenWeathermap is absolutely not accurate in my hometown with regards to the amount of rain and weather status.

You can make a yes/no with a logic card
You first have to make a logic card yes/no.

IF chance changes
AND greater then 50%
AND logic card is yes
THEN zet status omlaag
THEN set logic card to no

IF chance changes
AND smaller then 50%
AND logic card is no
THEN set logic card to yes

Maybe this will work.

Why don’t you use this trigger card?

Precipitation probability becomes greater than 50%.