Temperature trigger, which solution is the best?

Hi, To employ temperature as a trigger, we have two viable options. The first is straightforward: utilize the action ie “When temperature is below xxx.” The second option involves a slightly more intricate approach, employing two actions: “Temperature has changed,” linked to a logical flow where the condition is “number is below xxx.” Which option is more advantageous? Thanks

It is comparing apples to oranges.
They both have their benefits and both can’t be used in all situations or is the best.

When temperature becomes below/above only triggers if the treshold is passed (either from below to above, or above to below, depending on the card used).
When temperature is changed triggers with every temperature change.

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If it really sufficient that your flow acts, when the temperature moves below xxx, you should use that card.
It is triggered much less often, so less power consuming and less unexpected events.
But if you want to be sure that even if something else has happened, the flow should start also later when it detects that the temperature s below xxx and it might has missed that incident, then “Temperature has change” AND “temperature is below xxx” would be preferred.
Simple example:
WHEN… “temperature moves below 17 °C”
AND… “time is between 06:00 and 22:00”
THEN… “start heating”
would mean that if the temperature is already below 17°C before 6 o’clock and stays cold for all the day, the heating would never be started.
With the other flow you can expect the heating shortly after 6o’clock, when there is only a very little change in temperature, doesn’t matter if the temperature goes up or down.
Just as example as only for this case it might be more useful to add another flow:
WHEN… “time is 06:00”
AND…#temperature is below 17 °C”
THEN… “start heating”
I hope these examples help. Otherwise you might provide more information. Which temperature do you mean? What do you want to achieve? Etc.