Qubino ZMNHND 1D Relay

After upgrade of qubino app to 3.0.2 my qubino 1D relay for my garage door stopped working.
I tried to remove and re-pair it agin but still not working. The setting turn off after x seconds is not working either. What shall I do to get it work again?

In regards to that, would it be possible to set add Qubino 1D as a garage door controller, to behave somehow simillar to OpenGarage App for Homey | Homey

@Henrik_Palsson how do you control your garage door. Simply as a mommentary switch type? Do you use binary sensor regarding garage door state?

@kasteleman & @TedTolboom Is this something that could be possible to add to the app - Qubino 1D to act as garage door controller?

BR Tine

Please ask Athom about that specific device, because Athom is the owner and developer of the app.

@kasteleman thank you for your feedback. i tagged you two as you were marked as contributors to the app.

PS. Do you have any suggestion what channel is best to use to get in touch with the relevant person at Atom?