Qubino devices do no more power measuring?

Qubino App: Changelog Version 3.0.2

Note: a breaking change had to be implemented for Flush 2 Relays (ZMNHBD). The capabilities onoff , meter_power and measure_power have been removed which can break Flows using these capabilities.

does this mean that there is no power measuring possible in Homey for this device? And what means capabilities onoff have been removed? Can I not switch it On and Off anymore?

And maybe or maybe not related: I have a Qubino flush 2 relay. To channel 1 I connected a light (and switch) and to channel 2 a fan (and switch)
I made a flow to switch on the fan (Q2) when the light goes out (Q1) Using the app it works, but using the physical switch it doesn’t.
It doesn’t report energy, nor do any flows that get triggered by energy change or current change work.

Does the “breaking change” cause this behavior, and is a fix expected?