Put day of week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) in variable

Is there a way (Homey Pro 2023) to add the current day of week to a variable that then can then be used in a flow?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

Yes, see the Better Logic Library flowcards for Date formatting.

Forgive my ignorance, I am new to Homey. Here is the card but it does not change the variable X. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I want the text variable X to be the current day of the week, like Monday.

Which flowcard is that?
(I cannot see which it is exactly)

If its the “set variable to text” it should work.
If its the “set variable to BLL expression”, remove the {[]}

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The top card is “set variable to text”.
The bottom card is “set variable to BLL expression”.

Neither card sets the variable.

Those flowcards set the BLL variable, not the default Homey Variables :wink:

Ahh, got it. Thanks!

For someone following this Thread later. You cannot create a variable in the Homey Varliable tab to use with the Basic Logic Library (BLL) App. Create the variable with the BLL flowcard. The variable will not show in the Homey list of variables but it is available to other flow cards.


It’s mentioned at the app description :wink: