Push-Message: One time per day

Dear all,

What I’m fighting right now is that I only want to get a push message once a day. It is with me, for example around the rain gauge. I have created a flow that I get a push message when the tag precipitation (summation from 0 o’clock)> 20 L / Quadradmeter is.

Now if this event, e.g. already at 9 o’clock in the morning enters, then I get the Pushnachricht up to the next day (0:01 clock) again and again in arbitrary (?) distances.

How can I optimize the flow so that I get such push messages only once and from midnight a “reset” takes place. I tried to turn off the flow after sending the push message, but I can not find any way, e.g. via “Delay” to reactivate the flow at midnight.

I would be very happy if someone could help me with this beginner problem. Many Thanks!

You can just make an extra flow which reads:
(Date & Time) Time = 0.01

(Flow) Turn flow on

Not sure what the exact English names of the flow-cards are, as I use the Dutch language. But this should do the trick

or you set a variable on each event. ones a day you send the content of the variables with a push.

Thank you very much! I use it in “German” and I ll try it out! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Viel Erfolg! Let us know if it worked, we’re always curious.

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It does work, I have a variable in Logic called “Vacuum Checked” which I turn on after I have answered the “Do you want to vacuum today?” question when I leave the house.
The script checks every time if the variable is set, if it is then it doesn’t ask.
Then I have a flow that flips the variable back at midnight so that it will ask me again tomorrow.

Dear Luke,
this sounds really nice! Would you please be so nice and post me a screenshot of this, your flow?

I am working with the “german” version and I don´t know the matching variable to your “vacuum” :slightly_smiling_face:

I show you here my flow and the possibilities of logic:

Looking forward to read,