Push Button Coupler


I want to use a Push Button Coupler to control/dim lights from a fixed place.

I have found Sunrich SR-ZG2833PAC-DIM-S2 or SR-ZV2883-PAC as alternatives.

Which app support them? If not - do you know any other PAC that are supported in Homey Pro?


Hi @Hooloovoo ,
wecome to this community :grinning:
I could not find exactly your devices.
So you better check with the developers of EASYLIGHTING App or ROBB-smarrt App
EASYLIGHTING is explicitely designed to support ZigBee and Z-Wave devices manufactured by Sunricher and ROBB-smarrt seems to use mostly rebranded Sunricher devices.
Go down to ‘contact the developer’

Hi @DirkH
Thx! I will

Why have you created another topic (see link below) with the same question after a user has already shown you what you need to do to get your devices supported?

This creates unnecessary work for the moderators and also makes the forum messy.

For future, if you have not understood something please ask in the same topic and do not create a new topic with the same questions.