Puqh notification with option to turn something on/off

Hello everyone,

Last week I purchased myself a homey, before I was mostly running everything with tasker.
But I wanted someting more user friendly so my wife also can make changes to our home automation. Tasker is just to complicated for her…

For now, I’m still only, playing around with homey and it’s possibilities and I was wondering if it is possible to create a flow that sends a push notification with a question and some sort of a switch to turn a device on or off.

Example :
I have a modus that turn all the lights of when I’m going to sleep. When I’m in bed, sometimes I turn on the ventilator. But this is not every night.
I want homey to send me a push notification like : Temperature is above ‘22°c’ combined with a switch iside the notification that can turn my ventilator on (i use the philips hue plug for the ventilator )

Hope someone can help me

I don’t have that…

It’s in the “and” statements.

found it, thanks!