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Hi guys. I want homey to ask how many days I am going to be gone via push notifications. I have a variable thats called days gone it goes through a function that removes 1 from the variable at 00.00 if days gone > 0.

Is it possible to have a question that is more advanced than yes/no in notifications to ios?

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I’m interested by your question, could be a good feature.
Can you also explain how you implement the yes / no question & variable modification ? I had never heard of this before seems interesting !


Well, this is how it works now. I would like to ask my phone something else than a yes/no question. More like a «define this variable» and I would write 5. And bada bing bada bom the variable «days gone» («dager borte» in the pictures) is 5.
If there is any translations you need, just ask! The important thing is that if you set phone as an and condition it will ask a question.

This needs to be implemented by Athom. For more information on how to request a new feature, look here:


Ah! Thanks man!

Thanks, i had not discovered this feature before. can be usefull !

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No problem!

Yes, please. Because I have absolut no clue what the flow is for.

If I understand it correct, you want to have a push notification with more options like Yes/No. But this is not possible yet.
In the sample you receive a Yes/No push notification. And then? Do you set a variable to “True” when they answer is “Yes”?

In the other flow “En dag mindre” you subtract the value 1 from the variable “Dager borte” when “Dager borte” is/is not (?) 0 and “Ferie” is “Yes/True”. But for what? Where is the relation to the push notification? What is the background?

I would like to understand it, because I may also use this workflow. But it’s really confusing for me, sorry.

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Look in the and condition of your flows, you will find “Mobile” & “send a confirmation push” or something near (i translate from french).

This is not what I want to know, because the push notification with „Yes/No“ is nothing what I didn’t know before.

My question is, what @Fnivern is doing with the variables and for what. I don’t understand the background.

It’s just an example. He wants to be able to send a notification that would ask (on the phone) for an input value and then subsequently the ability to use that input value as a variable or token in the rest of the flow.

The example as it stands doesn’t make much sense because Homey isn’t able to send such notifications.

Yes, I know that, but he says:

I know that it’s possible to change a variable by answering a push message. By the way, this works both with the answer “Yes” or “No” (Else… option in the section Then…).

But I don’t understand the sense in relation to “days gone”.

“This is how it works now” refers to how the flow has to work now: send a yes/no notification, and when the user presses “yes”, the variable Dager borte is decreased by one. He’d rather be able to input a value so that the variable can either be decreased by that amount, or it’s set to that amount (not sure which of the two, but doesn’t matter).

For what purpose he uses that variable doesn’t seem relevant to the thread.

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Hi, sorry for the late answer.

en dag mindre = one day less
Dager borte = days gone
Ferie = vacation

So I set my house to vacation mode. So the logic “ferie” is set to true. This turns of heating, deactivate some flows and makes the vacume go once a day.
What I want to happen when the house is set to vacation mode is: Homey sends a notification to my phone asking how many days I will be gone. My answer to this would be for example 7 days. This answer will edit the logic “days gone” to 7.

I have a flow that runs at 06.00 am every morning if “days gone” is greater than 0. That flow will subtract 1 from the value in “days gone”.

Then I have a flow that triggers if “days gone” is changed and “days gone” = 0. That will start the flow “on my way back from vacation” and change “ferie” to false.

This will heat up my house to 22 celsius, activate flows again and vacume.

So the change I would love is the ability to ask for a specific value in push notifications and not just a yes/no question.

Hope that made it understandable.

What I do now is that I just change the variable my self before I go on vacation. So its not the worst thing in the world, but I kind of like to automate as much as possible. You guys can probably understand that urge :wink:

Excuse my impatience, but now I understand the background.

There are 2 possible alternatives that come to my mind:

  • If the “Vacation” mode is manual enabled, then you could have a Yes/No push message sent to you every evening, say at 6:00pm, asking “Is tomorrow your departure day”. If the question is answered with “No” nothing happens, if the question is answered with “Yes” a variable, e.g. “Departure day” is set to “Yes”.
    Every day at 06:00 a flow starts with a query of the conditions “Vacation” and “Departure day”. As long as the mode “Vacation” is active and the variable “Departure day” = False, the flow does not run and does not start another flow. As soon as “Vacation” is active and “Departure day” = True, the flow runs through and starts the other flows (switch on heating, etc.).
    The disadvantage of this variant is that you have to answer a push message every day. Advantage, the variant is very flexible if you leave e.g. one day earlier, or days later.
  • Another possibility would be to use the app IcalCalender.
    You simply enter your vacation period and create related queries. The calendar entries can also be queried by content or words, e.g. “Vacation”.
    The implementation could look something like this:
    If the last person leaves the house and a specific event starts within x minutes/hours or is ongoing, then set mode “Vacation” active. Otherwise, run the regular flows when leaving the house.

If necessary, I could also create flows.

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Aaah! This is not a bad solution! Thank you!

I think that Telegram Bot app might provide you with suitable workaround.

ooooh, Ill try that!

isn’t it way easier to use this app: IcalCalender App voor Homey | Homey

and homey know’s exactly when ur gone… just add your appointment in your ios agenda and your done…