By-passing a push notification with answer


When it is 23:30 during week days, I want to turn off the light. That’s easy. :slight_smile:

But in addition to that, I would like to use the push notification to send a message to my phone for asking if the light should be turned off. That’s easy. :slight_smile:

But after some time, if I havn’t pressed any answer to the push notification on my phone, I want the light to be turned off anyway. Does anyone know how to by-pass the answer of a push notification so that the flow continues?


Just wait it out and it executes the else? I know there’s people who want the flow not to execute te else so I’m not sure if that changed…

No, if you press “yes” on the push notification, the “then” executes. If you press “no”, the “else” executes. But if you don’t press anything, nothing is executed and the flow waits there.

And this is this case I want to catch, doing something (starting a flow) after some time if no “yes” or “no” has been pressed.

Any idea?

Was something with the “ask for a specific answer “ instead of “ask for confirmation “ . Can check tonight after work if u didn’t alr found out urself.

For speech flow card, there is ask for confirmation or ask for specific answer but not for the mobile notification. There is only “send a push confirmation”

Curious too as I’m looking for something to “time out” the mobile notification response and execute the else actions…

Wait… you can can have a yes/no reply on a notification? where can i find this?

Can only find a way to send a push message to my phone… but not ask for a response…?

Yes, you put a push notification in the “AND” condition. You will then get a message on your phone with question “yes” or “no”. Pressing “yes” and the flow continues with “then”. Pressing “no” and the flow continues with “else”.

Very nice function but as I wrote I want to continue with the “else” flow after a time without response on the push notification…

Try this

Thanks, Never thought of trying it in the and column… :slight_smile: Stupid of me :sweat_smile:

maybe you can start a concurrent flow with a timeout timer and action, and reset the timer when a reply is given ?

Hi Rocodamelshe,

I have not found what you described so IF you have The possibility to check tonight I would be very happy.


I missed the part of the notification. But i tried with the speech card “Ask for a specific answer” and also that is not working atm

Ok, do you know when it will work? Is it a bug?

Will have to do some more testing. It used to work in 1.5.x so it should work in 2.0x also. Keep u posted.

Hi Rocodamelshe,

I am wondering if you have had the time to do some testing about this feature not working anymore on 2.0x? :slight_smile:

Yeah we did. It’s a “bug” and @bvdbos made an issue for it. No solution yet, to be continued.

Ok, do you have an idea when it will be fixed?

No ETA on fixing issues. @Caseda would say: It’s done when it’s done.

And how will I know when it is done (don’t want to miss it as I need this funtionality “asap”)?

I will post it here when it’s done, if @bvdbos don’t beat me to it.