Problems with ROB_200-026-0 double built-in switch

Hi, I am new to the forum and switched from the ICS-2000 to the Homey 2023 3 weeks ago.

My zigbee network consists of different brands of devices, including dimmers from Robbsmart. Now I have added 2 ROB_200-026-0 switches, both of which left the network after a day. Re-learning after reset is possible, but even then they leave the network after about a day.

When programming I get the message “text.replace is not a function”. After this, installation continues and the switches work normally. However, again for about a day.

Does anyone recognize the above?
Greetings Richard

Hi and welcome,

I guess you’d contact the app creator, for example in the dedicated Robb app topic

Thanks for your comment. I have contacted ROBSMART directly. They were unable to help me further and forwarded the question to the app developer. I’m going to follow your advice anyway.

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