Problem with First setup

good evening
I bought a Homey Pro on Amazon and today I tried to install it for the first time. once powered, it limited itself to flashing an intermittent yellow color for several minutes and then switching to Red without ever creating the WiFi setup network. I tried the reset procedure but after several attempts, the countdown never started and the device never entered recovery mode. do I have to assume that the device is faulty or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks to all

My suggestion is that contact athom support.

already done, unfortunately it is Friday so they will hardly answer me before Monday and therefore I cannot configure the home automation system on the weekend as I had organized. Just to know, when you turn on for the first time a Homey Pro ,what is the sequence? does the yellow light come on immediately? does it have to make sounds? Thanks

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Try to PTP. After that try another power adapter with at least 2.1A.