[Pro][Dashboard] SmartDash - a dashboard for Homey

Hi, the app will rest free.
I continue the development until i use Homey and if Homey don’t limit/change the api access

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That sounds positive. Could you share some of your short term plans for SmartDash?
It’s pretty quiet here, or every ShartDash user is perfectly satisfied :grinning:

For now only bug fix, in Italy it’s hot and is not ideal to develop :rofl:

I have a weird problem where if I add a new widget it shows up blank but all the old ones shows?
Have tried to update and restart.


Hi Daniel, maybe you have the text color and the background color both set to white.

I am not using ccs, and can’t find how to change the colors. Can someone help with ccs code for making text/foreground black?

Found out how to write one. The problem was that color and background color was white. Don’t know how or where that has happened?

When you open the widget you can adjust the color of the text and background. is just below setting the format. no css required. By default both are set to white.

Yes, this is the problem. In next update i change default text color

v0.240708.1 - release 1.4.71

  • Fixed a know bug with size options (height)

I checked,
with new version when you create a new widget the color is correct, but with old data i think there was a problem in the migration

Hi Diapolon, has something changed in the online connection with Homey? Since this morning, SmartDash has been indicating that the online connection is no longer working. The symbol is orange. I can now only log in locally. I started Homey twice today with no results. The Homey works fine otherwise.

It seems like there are problems with cloud homey or cloud api, see this: Web api issues?

ok, I will follow up when a solution is found. Thanks!

did you restart SmartDash too? Or did update?

it seem that don’t work default homey cloud server *.connect.Athom.com.
Replacing with *.homey.Athom-prod-euwest1-001.homeypro.net works.

I don’t know if this is a backup server or if homey is replacing the cloud servers

I’m releasing ad update with ability to switch to a fallback cloud server if the main don’t work

v0.240709.2 - release 1.4.74

  • Added ability to switch to fallback server when cloud connection with default server don’t work

I have been working with SmartDash for some time now. It now runs on my NSPanel and iPad. I share my panels for inspiration. I recreated an Apple Home theme with CSS. Maybe there are more users who want to share their Dashboard?


Hi Diapolon, would it be possible to develop pop-up panels? These are the same as the current panels but can be created freely. When you click on a widget, the pop-up panel opens with new widgets. For example, you can show all the lamps in the living room behind a ‘lamp’ widget in the pop-up. You can also show the panel with a Homey flow. This gives enormous possibilities. I would also like to show a pop-up from my doorbell camera when the doorbell rings.

I think that extra panels alone (without pop-up) would be good, with the first 6 panels visible and the others accessible via a virtual-button widget or flow

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