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I have a group set up for the six lights in my living room, all of which are connected to my Hue bridge. Currently, when I press the toggle button for the group, the lights turn on or off collectively. However, I would like to prevent this direct action and instead, use a flow within the Hue app to control the living room lights. Is it possible to configure it this way?

Of course, just do it :innocent:

make the flow as you want and add a new Then… card as Home->living room-> swich on (or off) all lights(or devices, if you have difficulties to identfy all switches as lights)

(Sorry my homey is configured as German and it needs a reboot to change the language).
Hope that helps :grinning:

Not with Group as you have it now, I assume the group is on if any device is on?

If you want to control the living room lights with both the original Philips Hue app and Homey, you will need to take the lights out of the group or change the settings of the group.


Yes, switching on or off the lights is not the problem, but I want to prevent the toggle button from the group, because pressing the toggle is already switching on or off, but this is not as smooth as the hue app is doing this.

Maybe I will try a flow like this later

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I’m a little bit confused, because I don’t understand your intention.
Are you using the Group app to reduce the number of flow cards in flows, but don’t want to use the on/off function of the Group device tile? Or what?

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I have 6 bulbs in my living room and I am using the group app for dimming and color, also for switching off and on the lights. If I simply use the toggle button from the group device the lights turning on directly.
If I use a flow with the hue app card for switching on a room, its with a smooth animation and its synchronized.

In the past I had a group only for the color temp and dimm level and a virtual button which triggered a flow to turn on or off the lights over the hue app.

Now I want this all in one device, so the toggle button from the group device should be like a virtual button with no function. But the default case is that pressing the button will toggle on or off the lights.

Sorry I dont know how I should describe this better :smiley:

Hi Mazar,
I did not test, but I guess this will not work as intended as the Wohnzimmer Hauptlicht should be already switched off at that moment.
If it works it is fine. If not you can add a subgroup in your living room Wohnzimmer Nebenlichter which contains all lights but the Wohnzimmer Hauptlicht.
When you switch off the Nebenlichter your Hauptlicht will not be affected, and if you want to get it switched off smoothly, you can use a flow very similar to your proposal.
I am not really sure, if that is your intention, but I hope that helps.

I guess I misunderstood you.

Please specify if you want to simultaneously use:

  • the original Philips app on your phone or the
  • Philips hue app created by Athom (current version V5.9.3) that has flow cards in Homey

… with the group app on Homey.

Ah yes sorry for the confusion it’s about the hue app from athom

I want to prevent the toggle action from the group device button and trigger a flow instead which siwtchs on the lights with a hue flow card

I guess it’s not possible with a < group > device and/or via flow. As this is a basic function of the < group > device, you might better ask in the < group > topic: [APP][Pro] < group > (3.2.4 - Stable)

Another option could be to create an Advanced Virtual Device (AVD) with the Device Capabilities app. For more information please take a look at the appropriate topics:
[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices
[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

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