Press physical button -> task to google assistant

Hi. Imma thinkink about buying Homey. I have a lot of devices from different brands. But the most important stuff i need is : when i press button in kitchen (kidroom, livin room,etc.) tell to google assistant : clean the kitchen.
I have Roborock s7 which support Room cleaning by google assistant(I can tell hey google clean the kitchen). But i dont want to use voice, because my familly cant speak english.
Google dont support any physical button to tell/make any specific task.
I see, that Homey support Xiaomi mi wireless switch image but i dont know if is possible to use this xiaomi button to say something to google.
Thanks for every reply.
Sorry for my english.

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I guess there is someone that can show you the flows

If button is pressed
Then Start cleaning the kitchen

As it looks to me the Roborock can be directly controlled from Homey, you don’t need Google for that.

And I see the Wireless switch in the Aqara app supported

Thanks for the reply, but i want to buy the most expensive type of homey athom pro 2.0 and i want to be sure, that this is working… Ok ill bypass google (its not needed, but is possible to press button on Xiaomi device and tell to roborock s7 Clean SPECIFIC ROOM, kitchen for example (not only start cleaning process of whole appartment) ?
Thanks for your patience DIJKER

You can check it yourself, how cool is that?
At the app page of Roborock (linked to by Dijker in a earlier post), you can select your device, then all flow possibilities are presented for the selected device.

Hi, thank you i saw possibility to clean room in this page. So its possible to push button on xiaomi wireless button and do action on roborock s7 ? is HOMEY that much AWESOME ?

If yes. I am ordering one right now

You can start ordering…
Homey will connect everything to everything.

The only thing you need to check if there is a homey app to support your devices.
(Many apps available)

After playing with homey flows for a while you will probably have roborock start cleaning the house when all people left the house. No more buttons to press :wink:

In addition to Fkey’s hints:
It’s possible to start the vacuumcleaner when the thermostat is set to f.i. 15°C, or when an email with certain words is received, ir when the doorbell is pressed, or when the sun sets, or when the solarpanels generate more than 1000W, or when the garagedoor was opened.
You name it. If the WHEN device is Homey compatible, it can start/stop any device which is Homey compatible.

Take a look at [Flows] sections of the forum for ideas and possibilities, or Search results for 'Flows' - Homey Community Forum

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