Help controlling Lenovo T1 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner

Got two Lenovo T1 Pro robotic vacuum cleaners on Black Friday sale. They are working fine and are a nice upgrade to the more “stupid” robots they are replacing. So far so good.

Using the iPhone app “LenovoCleaner T1” I can control and schedule the robots and create floor plans and zones and all that good stuff. Through Tuya Smart I can integrate them into Google Home and control them with voice commands and see their status. Works fine.

However, and this is the problem. During these troubled times I’m working from home and there really is no good recurring time at which the robots can be scheduled to clean. Therefore I would like them to clean whenever I leave the house, and this does not happen at the same time everyday. Google Home has an “away mode” but this does not let you control vacuum cleaners, only lights and switches. Also I’d prefer to have all my automations within Homey.

Is there any suggestions as to how this could be accomplished using some kind of reversed command between Google and Homey or any other workaround using Homey and available apps?

My “workaround” is to tell the homey to speak out loud then my google home mini take the command. Work perfectly:)