Presense problem

After giving up on Homey location/presense to turn on my outdoor lights I’m now trying with Life360/IFTTT.
Life360 is working and IFTTT is running an applet as expected when I arrive at home. IFTTT is starting a flow in homey like this:
IFTTT applet stars a Flow xxxx AND It’s after sunset THEN Turn lights on
But nothing happenes. I can turn on the lights “manually”. And what if I am at home when the sun sets?
I will appreciate any suggestions? Thanks

Hey @Henrik_Kusk,

I don‘t know life360, but before homey 2.0 the app Smart Presence by Terry Hendrix worked very well.

Now it was just rewritten to work with the new homey 2.0 app. Worth a try perhaps:

Thanks PhilS
As far as I’m concerned SmartPresense only works with wifi. I want outdoor lamps to turn on before I reach the house so it must be operated by GPS like Life360. (as Homey location does not react on home/leave i ver. 2).
I think my problem is not life360/IFTTT but the way I make the flow so lamps turn on when I come home after sunset, but also turns on when I’m home while the sun sets! (so guests kan find the path to the door)

I used life360 for a while and it knew my location terrifyingly good. Spot on.
A tip: first I would make a flow with a push notification to your phone. Then approach your house and test if the range in your life360 is wide enough to trigger your lights in time.
If that is to your satisfaction then concentrate on what flow you want to trigger.

You’ll need 2 flows.

IFTTT applet starts and it's after sunset then Turn on lights and Mark user home

the sun sets in X mins and User is home then turn on lights

Thanks for your reply. I will give it a try