Presence sensor

there is not a single presence sensor for homey ?

Check Tuya cloud App for Homey | Homey

Just go for a Philips Hue sensor. They work great !

That is a motion sensor. A presence sensor is something else…

Ok… So you mean a device like a smartphone that works now as my presence sensor? Yeah… would be nice if we had a good beacon that connects to our home within range. Maybe in future!

no, I don’t mean as movement, but it senses the presence of a person in the room

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Not really. There are some infrared sensors that can detect a human body in the room. With a motion sensor you need te move every couple of minutes, otherwise homey “thinks” nobody is in the room.

Presence sensors work this way, or in other ways to detect humans in a room without the need to move around.

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exactly. I want a sensor this, but not a Tuya.Are some other presence sensors ?

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It’s also called occupancy sensor

Thank you

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