Presence fault finding


I have had some struggles with the presence function, and i noticed what shown in the picture.
It says " only use position when app is active" and i don’t finding anywhere to give it access all the time.

The phone is a galaxy s10.

Any ideas?

Is this the homey build in one your using?
If so, that’s probably why everyone has given up on it and use Smart Presence instead.


What strange is that others can make this to “all the time” and not just “when app is in use”

Perhaps due to what kind of phone you have?

Is your phone on Android 11? I thought I read somewhere that it is a bug in the current version of the app for Android 11 users and a fix is on the way. But can’t seem to find the link on the forums.

Edit: found it, it’s written here, it’s a Dutch topic: Homey app 6.3.0 locatie toestemming - #13 by Henk_Renting

I can’t find that screen you shared on my phone (LGG6) so yeah, probably different setup depending on OS/version/supplier.

No, it’s android 10. Hopefully it will be better in the future

Found in under “position”. There was all apps and what permission they had regarding the gps

Suddenly today it’s working. And very fast.

Anyone else is experiencing that it suddenly works?