Power on a PS4 with Homey?

Anyone know a way to power on a PS4 with Homey?

I have a harmony remote and hub but it doesnt power up the Playstation :frowning:

Does the PS4 have ‘HDMI Start’? You could find out if your TV has that as well and then start your TV with Homey, change to a specific HDMI channel, which would boot your PS4!


PS4 is only allowed to be turned on by the PS4 controller.
This is a security restriction by Sony, no way around it.

Unless you can use something like this to push the power button on the PS4 :stuck_out_tongue:

That bot looks awesome if a little pricey

Looks like i’m stuck with either the HDMI option (is possible), or nothing for the time being

Sorry, you’re right, CEC does work with PS4, forgot about that (disabled it because it messes up the Harmony sync)

The is* was meant to be if* - i’m not sure I can in my setup…

The PS4 supports it: https://community.playstation.com/content/pdc/us/en_US/pdc-communities/playstation-general.topic.html/ps4_cec_support_a-jyo0.html

But if your setup has more than a TV and settop-box (and even in that situation), IMHO CEC is useless. It always messes up. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, agreed. I’ve always had it off because it always causes issues…

I guess I could connect the PS4 direct to the TV and then put the optical out to the amp? (All assuming my TV has the required function)

I use the smart TV app… One trigger I made is, when I say “Ok Homey, Playstation”, my tv comes to life, displays the message “GAME TIME” and I have the input switch to the HDMI port of my PS4 which switches on due to that… No controller needed…

For more info about devicelink: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/nl/ps4/settings/devicelink.html

You can start a PS4 with a Harmony remote…

Nope, you can’t …

How about wake up lan? You tried that as well?

My bad. Sorry

If i say something specific: Playstation
Then: Samsung ir remote

  • send command: hdmi2

That powers up the PS4 in my case.
(Make sure the HDMI-CEC is turned on in PS4 settings)