Power off Homey correctly

How I can power off Homey correctly?
I only find I way to restart Homey but not power off option.

Thanks a lot!

Just pull the plug, no problem unless you are updating homey and it shows a purple ring. Then wait a couple of minutes…

You are joking!?

We talking about a mini computer and there is no power off option?!

If I do that with my pc or Raspberry it’s only a question of time before a hardware defect!

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Nope, RTFM…

Maybe you didn’t read yet about transactional filesystems.
But even Windows can handle it most of the time.
Only changes in memory not written will be lost.
I think that could be as much as a couple of seconds dataloss…

Why would that cause a hardware defect??

I agree with you, there should be a power off function, I’ve asked for it before also, but not to protect the hardware :slight_smile:

If you do it on rpi it’s not hardware defect you are risking rather file system corruption. Routers are no different then homey. Access point running Linux like openwrt also. Non of those have power shutdown you just ptp and nothing happens as file system is properly mounted or protected.

The purpose of journalling filesystems (which is most likely what Homey is using) is to prevent the filesystem from ending up in an incoherent state, not the preservation of data. So pulling the plug should not cause a broken filesystem, but it could cause lost data.

How ever, hardware, file system etc.
It‘s not a good Idee to pull the plug from a running system!

The risk that the system could be damaged is given.

What is the reason why homey doesn’t have a option to shut down homey correctly?!

There is no risk to damage anything if the system is designed in that way. Like I said, Access points, routers, media receivers, non of dose have nor need shutdown procedure while they are also Linux powered, packages are being installed on them. Those are MTD devices running some sort of combination of SquashFS / JFFS or whatever other underlying file system technology. There are no moving parts in those type of memory (NAND or similar).

At the end, if Athom, manufacturer of the system says you can PTP without any worries then no need to brake your head with low level things like that.


Thanks for your detailed explanation. That sounds plausible. But still, an option to shut down a mini pc like homey correctly I would expect!


I’m on Day 5 of Homey - so this is probably the wrong thing…

But while I find the optimum location for Homey - to reach 433MHz sensors, ZWave, Hue Hubs etc etc I am moving the Homey around.

I followed instructions, just pulled the plug.

Homey powers up but the Hue App ‘loses’ one of the two Hue Hubs every time.

Restart Hue App - no joy

Restart Homey - no joy

Reboot Hue Hubs and - the Home Hue App starts working again.

The Hubs are working consistently well throughout the Homey ‘lost hub’ problem so looks like the Hue app doesn’t like an abrupt power down.

Hue Hubs and Homey have fixed IP addresses at the router.