Power leakage KaKu ADGR3500

I connected my exterior christmas lighting (LED string of 3.4W) to a KlikaanKlikuit socket switch ADGR3500. Works fine, but it looks switched off is still a weak glow comming from the LED lights.

Is this effect known to someone?
Fault is the device?

Probably/Maybe the load is too low. What happens when you temporary add a, say, 10W led light? Do lights still glow when the socket is turned off?

Test it in another outlet in another part of the house. It could be caused by faulty wiring connections in your electrical system.

Sounds like capacitive coupling: Electronically controlled LED lamps glowing when off. - YouTube

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Like guys said it’s just the drawback of LED’s. They activate on such a small current as they are very low consumers that is leaking trough the relay. I’m almost certain it’s not the faulty wiring nor the faulty device.

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It is not a dimmer but switch, I do not know how the switch is constructted. But expect that when it is switched off the powerconnection completely is disconnected from the net with at least one wire.
Or is the swich differently?

No one said it’s a dimmer. But it can use a solid state relay, like shown in the YT link by Robert.
This type of relay do not make switching sounds (it’s easy to determine if it has one or a magnetic relay), and don’t cut the power 100%

In case only one wire is switched:
You can try turning the plug or the socket the other way round.
That way you’ll switch the other wire, and might solve the glowing.

1 wire is enough to have a LEDs light up thanks to current leakage.

Thans for all Youri inpu, I do nog understand what happen
Fotunally it is not extreme

I have the same with the outdoor lights. Also the kaku switch.
Could also be that I have a 2 wire outdoor power outlet instead of 3 I’ve read somewhere.

Yes I know it can appear glowing leds without ground/earth wire. I noticed this when I had a fault connection to earth wire to a outdoor outlet. In my country earth wire is mandatory for outdoor outlets, kitchen and other.

Try to “rotate” the switch you are using 180 degrees.
I had the same problem with my TP-Link Tapo switches, and for me it worked