PostNL App - Notification when post/letters are on the way


I use the PostNL app and get nice notifications about the status of my package. PostNL also has a feature to send push messages when post/letters are on its way. See link:

Would it be an option to add these notifications also to the PostNL app in Homey as triggers, so I can put some actions behind it?

Something like this?

That’s indeed what the app can do currently. I’m not talking about parcels/packages, but about letters for your mailbox. That is where the link is about

Ow, ok

I place it here because it’s about the PostNL_App on Homey.
On this moment I got a error with this App, If you start it you get "403 - Access Denied (with around some html code)
I decided to remove the app, and install again. Within the registration again I got the same error again as above.
I checked again the real login name+Pass and manual I can login to this service (and own app off off this service on my smartphone/laptop.
Maybe Athom self need to look to this code (because it’s their own) to solve this maybe something in the App-key are some thing like that.

I just got a response from Athom that they did not get it working and that they removed the app from the app store.
Replied the question if another (community) developer is now free to develop an app for it. I’ll post it here if they reply to it.

Got another response from Athom today.
They invite community developers to contribute to this app.
Especially in how to get authentication working (we already knew that was the problem of course).
I got a mailaddress of the Athom developer of this app (which I obviously can’t share publically, but can give to developers who are seriously interested in contributing).

So, if anyone is interested in getting it to work again?
At least I would be very thankfull! :wink:

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Bump :slight_smile: it would be great to get this app. And even better when you can add multiple accounts to it!


Can we get this app back?
This script can be used to get a json with Track & Trace of packages of PostNL:

Only limitation is 1 request per hour to avoid being flaged as a bot.

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I would very much like to have this app back too… Have requested it at

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I was quite happy to see this topic, but the app is no mo. I really like a parcel tracker. And I agree with @Henk_Renting about, at least PostNL, DHL, UPC, DPD. But the great thing about PostNL is, that orders will be automatically added to your account. I don’t know about the rest.


Bit off-topic, but… DHL has a new app nowadays that automatically adds shipments to your address too.

I looked into this and also would like a app that was able to let me nitify through Homey when something is arriving.

However, there are no official API’s to track a package based on postal code or your account at PostNL, DHL or whatever. This means the only way would be to add a manual ‘device’ thar contains the parcel information and it triggers based on updates for this ‘device’ (parcel).

Is this still usefull? You need to add every package manually …

Is there a way to get this functionality again on the homey? The feature was a great solution for tracking a package, maybe also for seeing upcoming post?

Maybe also for DHL?

Would be a great app

@LRvdLinden maybe you can do some calculations on this.

you’ve been busy lately :slight_smile:

would be great

There is no api for postnl.

Sad ….

No public API… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use this for years already. PostNL is refreshing their list of letters every day at midnight. I use Homey to retrieve the new letters and then save them in a json file.

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Do you have a example how you fix this

I’m using the API from the PostNL iOS app. It’s kinda hacky, but it works.

I have to cleanup the scripts before I can share them.