Approaching home

Is there a way to send a message in Homey Pro (2023) when e.g. I am approaching home with location service active on mobile phone? I can only find a solution where you have to activate the “Home/Away” switch.

Homey Pro (Early 2023) v10.0.8

Homey Smartphone App → Homepage → Timeline … → Presence → Enable Push-Notifications

Then you will receive automatically a notification like “Bjorn came home”.

If you want to have a notification with a custom text, then you need to create a flow:

– Bjorn came home
– Push notification “Your message” (or Timeline notification “Your message”)

It is turned on but it does not work.

Works for me. Is it possible your location services on your phone are misconfigured?

For your use case there I would look at macrodroid (if you use Android) and webhooks with geofencing

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are you using Android or iOS?

I had similar issues with iOS 17 - now with 17.1 it works like a charm again

iOS 17. Updated yesterday. Will check when I get home today.

As Shawn already said, please check the settings on the iPhone. The setting for Location must be set to always. And I have all other settings enabled.
Also check your address within in the Homey Smartphone App (More → Settings Location). And the Home/Away detection is enabled you wrote already, right?

As Sven mentioned, some iOS users are experiencing this issue current. This was confirmed from Athom support yesterday.

It is on.

" And the Home/Away detection is enabled you wrote already, right?" Yes.