Possibility to get source of triggered event on Button (like in the timeline)?

Hi everyone,

is it possible to the get source of a triggered event on a button? In the timeline of the button I can see if “knx” triggered the event or if it was triggered by a user from the web?

I need this in a flow because knx does not support binary sensors. My workaround at the moment is, that I create a button with the group address and then map it to a virtual sensor button. This works pretty well and fast. The only problem I have is when someone presses this button via the web ui. Then the window is shown as open even if the knx didn’t send the signal.

I now want to do something like this in a flow:

Button Window 1 pressed AND source of pressed button is knx → set helper sensor to on.

Does anybody have an idea how to make this happen or where the data is saved so that I can use homeyscript for it? That would be really really helpful.

Here’s an example for a light:
The neat app Device Capabilities does the trick here

You can get the event source on a button with this flow, and create a flow + an advanced virtual device for every individual event.

Impression of output:
Screenshot from 2023-10-10 02-08-11

Screenshot from 2023-10-10 02-03-21

Screenshot from 2023-10-10 02-01-16

Screenshot from 2023-10-10 01-59-25

You can save the data to excel or the likes, when you log it to Simple Log f.i., instead of to the timeline. There’s also a Google Sheets app

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Thank you. That totally worked for me :grinning:.