Position sensor and automatic room selection


Is it possible to set a sensor, which can detect an iPhone and if the user open the Homey app on that specific iPhone then the Homey app show the most relevant devices?

Like I am in RoomOne and when I open the app it shows that specific room with the lights and the shutters…

Guess not, as far as I know it isn’t possible to start the Himey App with an certain view selected.

I see no possibilities with the Homey app too. The my.homey.app url only gives a generic url too.

If you create a dashboard in (i.e.) Home Assistant, it is possible. And that gives you a lot more possibilities too than just showing devices. You can then directly perform tasks as well, show statusses, camera’s, etc, etc.
In that case you open a url like on your iPhone (for which you can make a shortcut/widget. I don’t know about iOS bit on Android you might even be able with apps like Tasker or Macrodroid to open a specific url automatically.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is to create a reliable solution to determine which phone is in which room….
Not automatically; but perhaps by tapping a certain nfc tag with the phone?