Mobilephone as device

Why can’t our phones be devices in homey, like home assistant do.
This will give us the ability to read battery data etc directly into homey.

This is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom. You can read more about this here Welcome to the forum..

If you want to make this as a Feature Request please discuss it with Community peers to define what would be requirements and nice to have features for it. If that results in enough users wanting this and Athom understands the added value it could be that it will be picked up by them and prioritized .

As it seems you are using HomeAssistant in addition to Homey, you can import your mobile phone sensors to Homey using the HA Community app.



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All you need + more


Yeah, Life360 its shady, I’m a premium purchaser though, with all the anti-privacy bells and whistles disabled within the app.

Altough unless you dont use google (gmail, maps, contacts , etc) every single footprint is tracked anyways…